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About us - Mebocare

Mebocare, the new name of Textape+ BV
In 2010 the company Textape+ BV started as manufacturer as well as vendor of the elastic Textape. The company is run by Annette Boon and Henny Sman. Annette Boon, co-owner and founder of Textape+, has developed a serious injury to her right hand herself due to wrong treatment of a wrist fracture. In order to tackle the various problems, the damage causes her, Annette has been searching for solutions and useful, comfortable products. Henny Sman has been Annette’s ‘right hand’ since the beginning of Textape+, literally and figurative.

Because of the growing assortment handletselshop.nl was founded in 2012. Handletselshop.nl provides innovative and sharply priced quality products regarding hand therapy. We offer a variety of products ranging from braces to exercise material. Suitable for hand therapists as well as for private use. Handletselshop.nl does not only provide an online assortment of products but also offers workshops and multi-day trainings.

In the beginning of 2014, Textape+ became the European importer and distributor of the WristWidget, an effective brace battling TFCC related problems. The product was at first sold under the trade name of WristWidget Europe. Since the European market continues to grow, Textape+ BV and the website Wristwidget.eu became too limited for the product assortment it provides.

Handletselshop.nl is well known and respected by Dutch hand therapists. However, handletselshop.nl is a difficult name to pronounce and remember for people that are not from Dutch origin (non-dutchies). In order to provide a solution to this problem, the company name has been changed to Mebocare BV and an additional webshop to provide the foreign market has been founded, namely Mebocare.com.
Mebocare BV: manufacturer, importer and (head) distributor of products regarding hand-, physio- and ergo therapy, training and more.

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