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How tight should it be? 

It takes about a week to figure out what the tension should be for your injury. It should be snug at night and tight with heavier activities. For instance, if your weight bearing tolerance without theWristWidgetTM is only 30 lbs / 13,5 kg and you are performing a task which requires 60 lbs / 27 kg of force, the WristWidgetTM needs to be tight. When you are done with the task, you will need to adjust it to a lighter tension. The microadjustment function of the WristWidgetTM is essential to ensure that you can tolerate it for up to 12 weeks. 


How long does the WristWidget last? 

It is made to last for the entire length of your recovery which can be up to 3 months. It is designed to be used in the water and last a long time. The velcro is cut to a length to ensure that it lasts long.


How do you wash the WristWidget? 

You can hand wash in cold water and hang to dry. You can tumble dry after squeezing- not twisting- the water out. It dries quickly. You can place in a sock or laundry bag and launder but ensure the velcro is not exposed or it will become tangled in the wash. The WristWidgetTM does not like temperatures over 105 degrees F / 40 °C.


Can I wear it in the water? 

Yes! It is made to provide continuous support - even in the water. 


Can I continue athletic activities with the WW?

In general, if your weight bearing tolerance is over 60 lbs., you are safe to perform heavier tasks with the WristWidgetTM without re-injury. Tasks which are risky are: end range rotation with weight and weight bearing: bicep curls with palm up and over 4 lbs of weight; pull ups with palms facing you; weight lifting over your current weight bearing tolerance etc. 


How do I know that the WristWidget will help me? 

Don’t worry- you will know. Every person who has the TFCC injury, puts it on and KNOWS. If you put it on and it hurts- it is not for you. The WristWidgetTM is only appropriate for those with pain with weight bearing and show an immediate change in weight bearing tolerance with it on. It is refundable if you do not find it immediately helpful.

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